Monday Night Predictions:

There are many bettors our there that will chase their losses from nfl point spread losses on Sunday and try to make up for it with their monday night picks. Don't fall into that same trap. Tune into our expert leaderboard below to find out who to put your money behind on monday night football predictions. We have the best in the industray and documented records by a third party sports monitor.

Game of the Year (CFL) - Schule's BEST BET of the 2017 Season!

BIG PLAY specialist Jesse Schule steps up this Friday with his CFL GAME of the YEAR! He's always had a reputation for delivering with his Top Rated picks, and so far in 2017 it's been DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN! His MLB GAME of the YEAR cashed in spectacular fashion just last week, and he's an INCREDIBLE 58-40-2 +$11,460 with his last 100 10* picks. 


Yesterday's Best
Service Units
John Martin +559.0
Michael Alexander +347.0
Jim Feist +328.0
Brian Hay +300.0
Mr. East +252.0
This Week's Best
Service Units
Chase Diamond +1456.0
John Martin +1163.0
Sean Higgs +725.0
Dave Price +700.0
Rob Vinciletti +698.0
Best This Month
Service Units
John Martin +2173.0
Rob Vinciletti +959.0
Michael Alexander +949.0
Ross Benjamin +801.0
Larry Ness +772.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Scott Rickenbach +3866.0
Don Anthony +3842.0
Rob Vinciletti +2992.0
Steve Janus +2434.0
Trev Rogers +2181.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
John Martin +4195.0
Alex Smart +3458.0
Will Rogers +2809.0
Stephen Nover +1934.0
Jeff Allen +1760.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Bryan Power +4282.0
Alex Smart +3265.0
Jim Feist +3070.0
John Martin +2830.0
Scott Spreitzer +2633.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
TJ Pemberton +3197.0
Andre Ramirez +2606.0
Dennis Macklin +2520.0
Don Anthony +1417.0
Joseph D'Amico +1286.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Dennis Macklin +2258.0
John Martin +2136.0
Kyle Hunter +1722.0
Scott Rickenbach +1564.0
Joe DelPopolo +1463.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +2862.0
Will Rogers +1872.0
Carolina Sports +1797.0
Bryan Power +1399.0
Michael Alexander +1312.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Marc Lawrence +571.0
Johnny Banks +493.0
Sean Higgs +439.0
Brandon Lee +394.0
Don Anthony +370.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Scott Rickenbach +1764.0
Marc Lyle +1472.0
Rob Vinciletti +1467.0
Art Aronson +1292.0
Jeff Hochman +1280.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +2265.0
Steve Janus +1668.0
Ross Benjamin +1541.0
Carolina Sports +1202.0
Rocky Atkinson +1021.0

MLB's Best Handicapper - Freddy Wills

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